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Benny Boswell

Owner, Benny's Lawn & Landscaping

Benny’s Lawn and Landscaping began in 1998. He started with 3 clients given to him by a man from church, so the business was born. He ended that summer working for the City of Neosho Parks Department, helping them finish their season. Here, he learned the skill and intricacies of weed-eating and trim work to give every yard that finishing touch. Benny is meticulous when it comes to his clients having beautiful yards. Over the course of the following two years, it became evident to him that this was his calling in life.


His maternal grandfather, John R. Goss, was one of his biggest supporters when Benny’s Lawn Care came to be. He designed the logo still in use today. Even though the business has grown to include landscaping and has since changed the name to Benny’s Lawn and Landscaping LLC, it is still with that original vision that he continues to provide excellent service to the Neosho area.


Neosho is Benny’s hometown. He grew up in a trailer park and would always sit by the
window listening to the sound of lawnmowers and watching them work for hours. Later
when he moved out of the trailer park to their property East of town, they had a small garden plot, and he would spend all his free time designing and redesigning this garden. He would even take all the rocks he could dig up and build little walls, then tear them down only to rebuild them.


The landscaping side of the business is his greatest passion. He is only limited in what can be done by the client’s budget. After the economic downturn in 2008, he began developing innovative marketing strategies that now set the business apart from competitors. They focus on clients with needs within their budget and try to fit their services within that amount. They will do larger jobs, but the focus is on those in the middle-income market – and they try to provide them with a service that exceeds their expectations. In doing so, they maintain a steady stream of regular clients that are treated as family. The business emphasizes simple maintenance and design. After over two decades in business, he will always be his own biggest critic. Benny believes there is always more that could be done or improved. This mindset keeps the business on its toes and still going strong today and tomorrow. Call Benny’s now to get service, and he will respond to your request as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed.

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Whether you need lawn mowing, tree skirting, seeding, or Spring/Fall cleanup, Benny’s Lawn and Landscaping is the place to call! Get a free estimate now.

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• Spring and Fall Clean up

• Hardscaping

• Pathways and Retaining Walls

• Flagstone patios

• Holiday lighting

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